Exploring Natural Bridge and Natural Chimneys

Exploring  Natural Bridge and Natural Chimneys

I always quizzed myself on how nature stuns us with astonishing wonders with a ‘vow’ factor. There are such wonders all over the world. Over two years of my stay in Virginia provided me a platform to witness wonderful wonders of natures around. The true marvels Natural Bridge and Natural Chimneys are the ones made my eyebrows raise.

It took me close to 2 hours driving 150 miles from Richmond, the capital of Virginia, to popular Natural Bridge town. Walk down about 15 to 20 minutes from the visiting center takes straight to the Natural arch.

Love at First sight...My first sight at the bridge made me to fall in love with this marvel and hence made me later to visit this more than thrice during my USA stay. Offcourse, I bet there won't be any visitor who doesn’t admire or attracted with this wonder.

This natural marvel stands 215 feet height with a span of 90 feet carved from the limestone terrain by Cedar Creek, a small branch of the James River. The Cedar Creek once flowed through this natural tower.

There are few attractions nearby. With a short walk Monacan Indian Village, a lost river, a pretty stream and a small waterfall can be explored.

Natural Bridge has designated as Virginia’s Historic Landmark and also as National Historic Landmark.

My next stop was to Natural Chimneys which is situated around 70 miles from Natural Bridge and 125 miles from Richmond. This is another major attraction and delight for nature lovers. Also known as Cyclopean Towers, this illustrate some of the incredible geology in Virginia. Leftovers of rock formed from limestone once carved by a shallow sea which has taken over million years to create this formation which will be seen today.

I have seen few visitors made an attempt to climb one of the Chimneys successfully.

Both these wonders can be explored in a day and each one is unique.

" Nature Wonders are Endless " - Walt Disney