Showers of Bliss at Dudhsagar

Dudhsagar literally means ‘Sea of Milk’. The beauty of the waterfall increases multi-fold during the rainy season and attracts visitors from far and wide. Dudhsagar Waterfall is situated inside the Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary in the Sanguem district of Goa close to the border with Karnataka. Though perennial, the showers of bliss are something to experience during the monsoon.

Showers of Bliss at Dudhsagar

Mention Goa, you bring to your vision of seascapes, refreshing beaches, coconut palms, temples, and churches. But there are few more to be discovered here - the thick forests, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Goa boasts of a picturesque waterfall that attracts visitors from all over the world, popularly known as Dudhsagar Waterfalls. Dudhsagar literally means Milky Ocean and truly appears to be so, especially when a monsoon hit the Western Ghats. People traveling on the Vasco - Nizamuddin or Vasco - Vijayawada  Amaravathi Express trains pass through this breathtaking natural wonder every day. 

Dudhsagar is in Goa, about 70 km from Madgaon. Situated at an elevation of about 600 ft on the Western Ghats, Dudhsagar waterfalls are fed by streams that flow from the Londa side of Karnataka.After feeding the village of Kuvesi and Chandasoli the streams cascade down to a gorge below taking a giant leap of over 600 ft height.

During the season monsoon, the ferocity of milky white water gushing down with great speed is an awesome sight to behold. Further, these streams join the Arabian sea at a place called Kedpark.

This spectacle on Vasco - Londa line opens after Kullem station, about an hour's journey from Vasco. From the coastal belt now the train enters the evergreen forest of the western ghats. The train passes through several tunnels and over bridges that cut through the hills of Western Ghats. A glimpse of the Waterfall can be had when it's still another 6 to 7 km ahead. From then onwards the falls give it different views in each curve. After the 13 th tunnel we suddenly pass through right in front of the falls on the railway bridge. We have to alright a little further on at the Dudhsagar railway station.

Recently the Goan Government has erected a view stand and a rest house near the waterfalls. Previously the bridge itself used to serve as a viewpoint. We can spend hours looking at these mesmerizing waterfalls. The waterfalls are at their best during the months of June, July till August. Dudhsagar with its water gushing in full flow or even in trickles is still a treat to the eyes throughout the year.

A 12km trek on the railway line from Kullem is another way to get near waterfalls. Walking on the railway track listening to the chirping of birds and the sound of the gushing streams. Savouring the beauty of the hills and valleys is a rewarding experience. Passing through the pitch dark tunnels is yet another thrilling experience.

Another way to get around the waterfalls through castle rock on the Londa side via Caranzol ( North Karnataka ). Londa is on the Belgaum - Goa, and Belgaum - Bangalore Highway while Castle Rock is 14 km from Londa.

All express trains stop at these stations. If you go with a small group you can even hitch a ride on engines., which come till Londa. New jeep routes have opened up to reach you right up to the foot of the falls.

It is advisable to carry food as no eatables are available near to waterfall. But remember, not to litter this place which is still pristine and not choked. Visitors to Goa should not miss including Dudhsagar Waterfalls in their Itinerary.

How to Reach Dudhsagar Falls

From Panaji 

Dudhsagar Falls is at a distance of 70 km from Panaji (Kadamba Bus Stand). You can even board a bus and alight at Tambdi Surla or prefer a self-drive/hired cab service. Once you alight at Tambdi Surla, you can then opt for a taxi ride to take you to the Dudhsagar Falls. On average, a bus journey will cost you around 900 to 1500 INR per head. 

From Dabolim International Airport; Goa

Situated at a distance of 70 km from the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The most convenient way to get transferred between these two points is either by a private hired taxi ride or a self-drive. It will just take one hour and 50 minutes for you to reach your final destination.