Handi Vajire and Navilu Gundu - Exploration

Handi Vajire and Navilu Gundu - Exploration

Handi Vajire – The name itself raises eyebrow...! Strange and interesting...!

Same thing happened to me when Darshan revealed this name and place during our previous trek to one of the hillocks. . ! This place is the shelter for many wild animals and especially forest pigs. Handi means pig (porcupines) and Vajire means Bamboos in Kannada language. Hence named Handi Vajire.

Navilu Gundu

Navilu gundu and Handi vajire are the lesser-known places. I have insisted Darshan to accompany me to trek to these places. As planned, after breakfast, packing snacks reached a tiny village. Darshan, Yashas and Rakesh were waiting for me. In a muddy road we had driven for about 3 KMs in the forest. The mud road ends at the small temple beneath big banyan tree.

After parking our bike, the rest of the way is to trek in the forest.

As it was monsoon time, the trees and plants were admirable with greenery. Wonderful weather and silence all over the forest. We have reached a point where the forest has full range of bamboos all over. Forest pigs are many in the dense of bamboos. Handi means pig (porcupines) and vajire means Bamboos in Kannada language. Hence named Handi Vajire.

Although there is no beaten track, the way can be easily guessed to the hillock. The trail to right leads to the hillock. There are 4 giant rocks in the hillock. After ascending in the forest for about 30 minutes, we had the first sight of the 2 giant rocks and a small path in between to traverse through.

Silence was there all over. Spotted honeycombs all over the rock. Also spotted wild animals drops.

Opposite to this place one can locate Navilu Gundu. The shape of the rock resembles peacock. In Kannada, navilu means peacock and gundu means rock.  This is one of the main attractions here.

After having snacks and rested for some time, we ascended further to reach the base of another giant rock. This place is home for many wild animals. These places resembles Ulavi caves, located in Karwar district of Karnataka.

It took an hour to explore the caves nearby. The vicinity is bit scary due to thick vegetation and giant rocks.

We rested for some time by having snacks. The descend is quite easier. Overall this is an easy track and ideal for a day hike. However this vicinty is providing shelter for many wild animals. Hence to be careful while trekking to these places.

Handi Vajire and Navilu Gundu are so primeval and glad that these places are hidden from the pseudo trekkers, bloggers seeking publicity and nature spoilers.

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