Bellibare Waterfalls - A Jewel in the Western Ghats

Western ghats of Karnataka is known for its scenic beauty and is known by sobriquet ' Land of Charming cascades '. Beautiful and eye catching waterfalls hidden in deep jungles, beckon the adventurous and nature lovers. Bellibare is one such waterfall, that offers breathtaking views.

Bellibare Waterfalls - A Jewel in the Western Ghats
View of the first stage of Bellibare Waterfalls

Bellibare is a beautiful waterfall that plunges down to the valley in 2 stages in a dense forest in western ghats of Karnataka. This falls appear like splitting the valley in a silver line (Belli means Silver and bare means Line in kannada) and hence nick named as Bellibare by locals. Also few calls this falls by the name of the stream which forms this fall. In the month of October, When I and Abu were chatting with a localite of Uttara kannada, we have come across this fall. It’s another hidden waterfall in the western ghats and not many know. Thanks to our mother nature for nurturing beautiful falls making waterfalls lover a great delight!!

We started our bike journey recalling the directions. Driving on a mud road, guessing some paths, trial and error, we managed to reach a very tiny village in the western ghats. Only 2 families live here. As soon as we reached, Narayana Hegde offered banana and Tea. We requested his son Vinayaka to guide us to the falls. He is kind enough to join us along with Manju. All four of us got ready packing biscuits, oranges, bananas and cucumber.

The local stream which originates in the dense lush green forest and passes nearby this tiny village. We started our trek in the direction of the stream flow. During monsoon it’s high risk to plan this trek.  For initial duration of the trek, we need to go along with the stream. We had to cross the stream few times in a zig zag way and need to descend the valley all the way. A series of small waterfalls all the way enlightened us.

About an hour of trek, we weee at the top of the first stage of the falls. One can, if courageous, can lay on the rock and see the falls from the top. The water plunges in a single drop to the valley forming a spectacular view from a height of estimated 50 feet. We have started descending further from here to have the view of the first stage of the falls. We couldn’t take risk to go to the bottom of falls as it was slippery and steep. Vinayak recommended us to move fast to the second stage wherein we can spend time.

As we progressed, we realized that this is not so easy trek and We gradually started descending the valley tripping here and sliding there! While descending one can see the partial view of the 2nd stage. Further descending the valley, we reached the bottom of the falls. In the second stage the stream plunges to a valley from an estimated 150 feet high forming charming view. What an awesome view! We couldn’t control the excitement and we carefully went to reach the bottom of the falls, through slippery rocks. We forget all our tiredness by showering in the falls and admiring the beauty.

We had spent an hour time. Had our snacks and mentally got ready to ascend the valley to go back to the base.

Returning from the falls, we had spent some time in Narayan’s house and conveyed our gratitude to Narayana Hegde, Vinayak and Manju before I bid goodbye..!