Govinda Theertha - A sacred waterfall in the abode of Devi

A sacred waterfall, in the backdrop of Kodachadri hill, in the lush green forests of Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary offers a sight to behold...!

Govinda Theertha  - A sacred waterfall in the abode of Devi
Govinda Theertha Waterfall
Govinda Theertha  - A sacred waterfall in the abode of Devi
Govinda Theertha  - A sacred waterfall in the abode of Devi
Govinda Theertha  - A sacred waterfall in the abode of Devi
Govinda Theertha  - A sacred waterfall in the abode of Devi

Govinda Teertha is one of the sacred Waterfalls in the western ghats of Karnataka in the lap of Sri Mookambika devi wild life sanctury and people visit to take a holy dip. Localities believe this waterfall is a divine in the abode of Sri Mookambika. There was a tradition of washing weapons of Mookambika Devi in the waters of this fall and many devotees visit  on new moon day to take holy dip. Also, during Ellu Amavasya day, hundreds of localities offers pooja in the Koti Lingeshwara temple near by and trek to the falls. This waterfalls is the source to thrive the needs of the Belkal and nearby villages for daily usage and irrigation.

Koti Lingeswara temple

How to Reach ? The waterfall is situated around 50 Km from Kundapur and 24 KMs from Kollur. As this waterfall is located near Belkal village, named also as Belkal theertha falls. The route: Kollur – Jadkal – Mudoor Junction – Belkal Village - Koti Lingeshwara Temple - Trek to Falls

One can park the vehicles near the temple and begin the trek. Small vehicles and bikes can go further till the starting point of the treck.

Permission from Forest Department - Permission to trek to the falls is mandatory and no tresspassing allowed. Once you reach the Belkal village, the starting point of the trek, where sign board to falls can be found. Obtain the permission from the Forest range officers / guards who supervise the area at this place. Rs 25 per person will be charged.

How was my experience ? 

This is one of the unique experiences as this time I did trek with my family.

11 AM  - We were at the base of the trek point. Parked the vehicle and obtained permission from the forest officer. The forest guard informed to follow the trek path till the end to reach the falls. With a light back pack with snacks and waterbottles, we were all set to begin trek.

11:30 AM - With a gradual descend the path leads to the dense forest. We have met a group of localites returning back from the trek who started the trek in early morning itself. The elderly guy warned me to return back from the falls before 4 PM as this is a dense forest and would be dark soon due to gaint trees and vegetation all over. Also warned not to go near to waterfalls as the rock boulders are slippery and moreover no one on the falls to guide or assist. So now we were the only family in the whole dense forest to proceed. The path passes through canopy of trees. My wife was bit scary as no one was around,and forcing us to trek faster and return back as soon as possible.

My wife and my elder daughter found it difficult to ascend the valley, but my younger daughter was very fast in trekking whilst enjoying the nature. She indeed looks like a good trekker. The climate was so perfect and luckily no leaches troubled us. We walked for a while and my wife and daughter were tired, so we resetd for some time to thrive our thirsty and therafter continued to trek.

12 PM - The last stretch was the most difficult part of the trek as it was very steep and dangerous too as one has to negotiate bushes and slippery rocks. The falls is not visible till the last 15 minutes of the trek.

12:30 PM- We were able to glimpse the first sight of the falls. The beautiful and roaring waterfall is sure to fulfil your sight...! We ascended further negotiating the rock boulders to traverse near to the falls.

1 PM -  We were at the bottom of the falls witnessing the roaring yet amazing waterfall. We were only 4 in the thick dense forest  and hence couldnt take risk to go near by and dip in the waterfalls. The water particles chiming across making us chilled. I felt every effort of reaching this waterfall is worth it. This sacred waterfalls has its own elegance and stunning beauty. The stream which originates in the Kodachadri range plunges down to valley in 2 stages with an estimated height of 400 fts. The trek leads to the 2nd stage and the first stage is not visible from here.It was almost 40 minutes and no sign of any one near by. Later we heard a voice of other trekkers on the way. I felt some relief as we didn't want to be alone in the mid of dense forest. This made us to spend some more time to relax in the lap of the mother nature admiring the waterfall.

3 PM - Having snacks and taking snaps we started our return trek. Descend is comparatively easier. Afetr an hour,we reached the stream on the way. After relaxing for some time and started towards the base point.

4:15 PM - We were at the base point. Vesting some time we started heading back to Kollur recalling the beauty of Govinda theertha.

Key Notes

  • It's a sacred place. Keep it clean and tidy
  • Carry water bottles to thrive thirsty on the way
  • During monsoon, be carefull as rock boulders are slippery and don't venture to go too near to falls
  • Ensure to take permission from forest department before you venture