Karighatta - Another Beautiful Hill Station near Mysore

Karighatta - A scenic paradise that is not explored by many. This is a pure gem because of the locality. It is surrounded by beautiful forts, rivers and makes it a unique destination place.

Karighatta - Another Beautiful Hill Station near Mysore
Karighatta - Another Beautiful Hill Station near Mysore


It was end of December 2021 hence it was chilling in the morning too. The day started at 6:30 AM in the morning at Mysore and we got ready then planned for Karighatta which is about 20 Kms from Central Mysore. There is Lord Sri Srinivasa Temple on the top which is popularly called as Karigiri Srinivasa Temple.

We said Bye-Bye to Mysore and started towards Karighatta at 8:00 AM on a beautiful Sunday Morning.

It was our 3rd day stay at Mysore, the day was cosy and was perfectly fine for trek although it was turning late. We reached Karighatta Hill base around 9 AM in the morning. Big thanks to Google Map which directed us correctly to the location.

The road was scenic that one can identify a lot of Flora, Fauna and a lot of villagers with greenery paddy fields all along the way.

Nimishamba Temple and the majestic rivers are visible on the way

Since we are trek enthusiasts, we parked the car and planned to Trek. There is a road next to it which takes to Hill Top where vehicles reach easily. There was no sign board for Parking, one can park next to the road. 

There was a small shop in the base where one can get hot sip of hot coffee or tea and can have biscuits too before starting.

After hiking for around 100-150 steps there is Anjaneya Temple and followed by a Canal.


Trust me, the water was very cold that our daughter enjoyed and played a lot here.

Since it rained well this monsoon, a lot of shrubs and herbs were so lush green, we felt it was all welcoming us. There cannot be any other way one can be happier on a hike.

We also learnt that the total number of steps were around 400. This can be done easily by kids or elders as well.

Panoramic view from the temple is great. Highway, rivers, forts built near Srirangapatna were all visible from this location. It took us around 30 minutes to reach the temple. Since the camera was not allowed so we couldn't capture photos inside the temple.

Curvy Road from the Hill top is visible from the Hill top

This is the view from View Point

There is a park constructed and there is an another hill. The park has Kids play area, View Point. This places is the greatest attration in this hill. We were told that this park consiting of hill will be closed in summer to avoid Bushfire.

We spent around 10-15 minutes there is view point and continued to hike that Hill.One has to wear a proper shoes to avoid slipping on these pebbles and stones.

Oops!!  Our Kid taking a break as she was little exhausted

There were no big trees or big plants for Shades. There were a lot of shrubs and Herbs around till to the Hilltop.We really want to thank our kid who shows the capability of hiking the hill as good as we.

She has a great zeal of hiking and exploring like us inspite of her tender age.

Karnataka Flag on the Hill Top

Some of our pics from Hill Top of Karighatta

After spending around 10 minutes on the top we returned back to the temple spot and started returing to the Parking area.

Till at this point. We thought we are done with this trip and plan was to return to Bangalore.

We started our journey by setting up destination to Bangalore in Google map. However, we did see that Thonnur lake was on the way. So, we started our journey towards Thonnur lake. Some times unplanned trips brings more happiness than the planned one. It was true in our case as well.

Picture of Thonnur Lake

A small hillock near Thonnur Lake

Melkote temple was visible from this location and there were a lot of visitors since it was Sunday.

Having Bonda and Bajjis in a small shop, we sat there for around 15-20 minutes and started to Bangalore.

A great day spent and created memories of our small family.