Northern IRELAND – The Land of Wonders and Marvels

Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, attracts thousands of tourists every day. True to its beauty and elegance, it offers breathtaking views of mountains, coastal line, historical monuments, castles and natural wonders. It’s a delightful to explore, ranging from the birthplace of the world-famous TITANIC to one of the Natural wonders 'Giants Causeway'.

Northern IRELAND – The Land of Wonders and Marvels
Iconic Belfast

Most of us know the gigantic TITANIC ship and its mishap. When I was watching TITANIC movie, in year 1998, I was wondering and curious to know how and where this marvel built. I wondered where the first scenic shot of very popular ‘Gerua’ song of the Dilwale, Bollywood movie song, composed. Also, the places featured in the famous serial ‘Game of Thrones' had always thrilled me. These are few instances and stimulating pints triggered me to explore Northern Ireland with my own itinerary.

1. Iconic Belfast – The birthplace of world famous TITANIC
2. Giants Causeway – Another wonder of nature...!
3. Carrick-a-Rede – Thrilling Rope bridge
4. Dark hedges - Kings’ Road in Game Of Thrones
5. The Old Bushmills Distillery – The world’s oldest whiskey distillery


You want to know complete details of Titanic story in an insightful way? Are you curious to know how titanic, during her maiden voyage in 1912, hit an iceberg? Do you know more about her sister ships RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic? Then you MUST visit Titanic Belfast.

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland where the Titanic was built. Titanic Belfast, on the site of the former Harland and Wolff shipyard, is a main visitor attraction. Titanic Belfast resembles the shape of iconic Titanic ship. This has over nine galleries showcasing all about the Titanic.

Dont Miss the Discovery Tour - An hour-long Discovery Tour is the main thing which everyone wants to experience which explores the history of the famous barrel-vaulted Harland & Wolff Drawing Offices where Titanic was  designed. It provides an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the workers and engineers who built Titanic. Explore the shipyard, travel to the depths of the ocean and unflod the true legend of Titanic, in the city makes everyone excited. Also if time permits don’t forget to have dine in Bistor 401 and shop for an exclusive gift in  Titanic store.

Titanic Experience will not be completed without a visit to the world’s last remaining White Star vessel and RMS Titanic’s original tender ship SS Nomadic. Here one can walk in the decks, explore the ship, and take journey through over 100 years of authentic maritime. Also dress like cruiser and take memorable photos. 

What I felt after visiting this iconic place – ‘I’m just fortunate…! Worth a visit and my dream fulfilled of knowing everything about TITANIC…!’ 

This is located in beautiful Northern Irish coastline. Either one can take a shuttle from the  nearest base point or can walk along side to enjoy the scenic coastline.

Irish’s consider this nature gift as THE 8th WONDER OF THE WORLD. This is the must visit for the nature admirers.  The north Antrim coastline is well known for its scenic landscape and the Giant's Causeway is its unique jewel in the crown. A jagged promontory of neatly packed columns of hexagonal basalt rocks created some 6 million years ago by a flow of basaltic lava. At a first sight it resembles ‘St Mary’s Island in Karnataka. Giant’s Causeway is known for its polygonal columns of layered basalt. This is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s believed to be that the formation is resulted from a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. The columns vary from 15 – 20 inches in diameter and measure up to 82 feet height. They are arrayed along cliffs averaging some ~300 feet in elevation.

There is another story revolves - Irish giant Finn McCool built the Giant’s Causeway as stepping-stones to Scotland, because he didn’t opt to get his feet wet. However, you will just be blown away by the incredible rocks surrounded by amazing natural beauty of the area.


Dark Hedges is located in the middle of the Northern Irish countryside which is the most famous attractions in Northern Ireland. It’s become popular because this has been appeared as Kings road in ‘Thorn of Games’. It’s a long country road surrounded by tangled trees forming most evocative walks attracting visitors across the world.

It’s believed Stuart family planted a series of trees in such a way as to impress all the visitors who were reaching their noble residence, the Gracehill House.  There also exists some strange story that the spectrum of Lady Grey is wandering in the trees during the night and during the days of grayness and haze, crossing all the way and then disappearing behind the last tree...!

At an instance, while I was at Dark Hedges, I rememberd environmentalist and Padma Shri bestowed 'Saalumarada Thimmakka' who planted reportedly over 8,000 trees in over 80 years and tending to ~385 banyan trees along side of a road in Karnataka in a rural area.


One needs to walk ~2KM from the visiting center alongside the dramatic coastal line.

This famous rope bridge, near Ballintoy, is one of the popular tourist attractions. Off course, if you look for a thrill, you must try this rope bridge in County Antrim. The bridge links the mainland to a beautiful tiny island of Carrickarede. This bridge is spanning 20 meters and 30 meters above the ocean. The bridge is operated by the National Trust and a little fee is charged to cross the bridge.


Bushmmils is the world's oldest perating distillery. Some of the world’s finest whiskey is produced here, including Black Bush blend. There is a counter with variety of whisky's in the premise and If you love whiskey, then this is the place to try.

 Belfast City - There are few eye-catching places in the capital city to visit including City Hall, Ulster Museum and Belfast castle.

If you just want to take a city ride, go for hip-hop which covers all the major places of Belfast city. Also there are famous Irish and Indian restaurants to try out.

In a nutshell, Northern IRELAND experience made me to remember for a long. I have truly appreciated the Harland and Wolff shipyard and people who had put in hard work to build the  marvelous TITANIC.