Charming Silhouette of Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu known as birds island abounds in rich mangrove forests that host numerous species of birds. This biodiversity park, is located at the southernmost tip of the South Andaman Island. Apart from being a birdwatching paradise, this place is also popular for its trekking trails and a mesmarizing glorious sunset that is never to me missed !

Charming Silhouette of Chidiya Tapu
View of Sunset at Chidiya Tapu

              If there is something that allures me always  is a enigmatic sunset. It is something that is  close to heart and soothing. I appreciate  no matter where i witness it. Be it by the midst of skyscrapers, by a riverside, on a beach, if its a demanding hike to hilltop to catch a glimpse of play of light of setting sun or  with sand dunes in a desert.My eyes transfix onto the warm colors of the setting sun, i am  transported to an enchanted world. In the recent past, i expereinced few such memorable evenings, on the beach. One such place that is very satisfying to my heart till today is Chidiya Tapu in Andamans !

Initially, Chidiya Tapu was not  in our Itinerary of places of visit in our last day during visit to Andamans.It however came blessing in disquise, clouds loomed in the sky when we reached Chidiya Tapu by the evening.The main beach onto the shore, did not impress in the beginning.As the light in the  western skies diminished, the red ball of fire in the viel of chasing clouds tugged our heart. The reason enough to stop and appreciate the setting sun.

For all you hopeless romantics out there like myself, the real  reason why we glorify these instances of ethereal beauty is because they are simply that idealized romance. Sundown seems to embody the sheer power of an utterly romantic point in time. Just like love at first sight, it takes your breath away, leaves you spellbound  and if only for a moment, slows down time.

As i close my eyes for a moment, all the hustle of the day goes quiet, hear the orchestra of chirping birds.The changing colors, a absolute silhoutte was a concoction. Perfect and Surreal !

Chidiya Tapu 

It literally means a ' Bird Island '. It is popular for its wide range of birds which visit the place and is a haven for bird watchers.It is located in the southern most tip of Andamans.The Mundapahad beach and Chidiya Tapu beach are the main tourist points worth visiting during the trip. It is said, that a biological park has been set up  to preserve the fauna out here in 2001. It is said that their are some amazing trekking trails, that are worth visiting and waiting to be explored soon. 

As the sun’s last rays peeking out from the horizon,we sat to savor the every last bit of that fleeting beauty.Few indulged in nature photography and  portraits seeking picture perfect composition.It reminded the below lines.The charm of silhoutte engulfed me.I I go Unspoken i was in trance for a moment !
Against the Light
A shot against the light is not for everyone's delight
others consider it not right
to them whose art is out of sight.

For behind imperfection
lies a beauty for recognition
look at it with new inspiration
and you'll see the act of creation.
- Garry . P. Fabros - 

Driftwood Art  by the Shore

' Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ' justified the place.Thus reminded of the line of

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Chidiya Tapu has a Mangrove forest, a lot of which was affected by the Tsunami which hit in 2004.Instead of leaving the place in a eerie, it seemed to have enhanced the beauty of the place with enigmatic driftwood  formations.They are spread around the beach, few submerged partially in water and can be found in different size and shapes.I loved to capture the tangerine sun, in a silhoutte ,while few insisted  to do a photo shoot !

Either way,  they lend a artistec touch to Chidiya Tapu. !

There is certainly a sense of Nirvana and Solitude  that you experience here. You feel to dwell in Carefree  world !

Indeed !. I feel elated to say that sure that Happiness is in the Ordinary.That instances of awe in watching sunsets cause psychological effects that enhance long-lasting satisfaction in life.

If you have plans to visit this island, dont forget to include Chidiya Tapu !

It is definitely a place a visit, to experience the never ending charms of  a Silhoutte !

Hot to Reach Chidiya Tapu

  • Chidiya Tapu is about 25 kms from Port blair, in Southern part of Andamans
  • Transport in Port balir is Point to Point basis.Hire a private vehicle to and fro.
  • Port blair has direct flights from Kolkata, Chennai.It also has direct flights from other major cities of India
  • Portbalir can also be reached by Cruise from Kolkata and Chennai. Check link for schedule 

For your Information

  • Make sure you reach the point at Chidiya Tapu atleast 1 hour in advance
  • Chidiya Tapu is rich in bio diversity.Please dont litter !. Carry back only memories.
  • There are no decent hotels here. Carry your own food.However few shacks sell Beverages and soft drinks
  • Hiking trails are good to be explored.Check for recognised guides in portblair or in Chidiya Tapu.
  • Mangroves are formed,at the confluence of sweet water and salt water.Beware of crocodiles !
  • There is no budget stays to stay here.However few resorts are  there to stay here.You have to option to.plan your stay in Port balir.