Twin British Bungalow Stay Chikmagalur - Reminicing our first family outing

A place to stay during travel is always a necessity and priority. If destination is none other than Chikmagalur. then the coffee land has a varied options to offer you , cater to your needs. Be it Ambience, good food and hospitality are a few prime concern. Among the best stays in Chikmagalur, few stay are located in hills, by a stream, heritage stays, homestays, unique british bungalow stays, amid the beautiful pepper and coffee estates. You’ll love the Vast lung, space, large windows, architecture, simple decor, and country feel of these stays. On top of it all, few stays are set in the natural setting away from humdrum and still proximity to the various tourist attractions , ensuring that you explore all of the gorgeous places to visit as per your interest.

Twin British Bungalow  Stay Chikmagalur  - Reminicing  our first family outing
British Bungalow stay

      To get respite from the boredom of home quarantine, after lockdown,We were eagerly looking for a cool place to stay in the coffee capital of Karnataka Chikmagalur to recharge our drained batteries in the lap of nature. After mutual discussion we zeroed with one of the option. which was as per budget, calm location, and safety of senior members in family.

We unanimously finalised with Twin British Bungalow for 3 night stay based upon reviews from Chikmagalur Homestays on FB Page feedback and recommendation as Best Stays to visit  in Chikmagalur,

The Journey Begins...

01 Day 17 March 

We a group of 4 families comprising 17 members including children started our journey by a mini bus from Bangalore at 6:00 am.We hit the NH 48 , after passing through Kunigal we stopped for breakfast at Druvathare Hotel. It was spacious , hygenic place with rest rooms, and ideal for a short break during travel.

We resumed our journey, few expressed their interest for a short visit to Chennakeshava Temple at Belur.We stopped at Belur for a while and  were moved by the artistic work of Hoysalas.After Passing through Mudigere we reached Chikmagalur.

As we headed towards the hills, as we passed Aldur we could feel the cool breeze.After 30 minutes drive we reached the premises of Colonial stay.

The colorful foliage at the entrance was a warm welcome sign, the soft suns rays peeping through canopy was soothing. Every blade of grass was green all around .The lawn on the either side was inviting us and were bowled with the lanscape. 

We would hear to the chirping sound of birds.No Sooner did  we reach, caretaker Mr. Velu was waiting at the parking lot to receive us.We were offered, a welcome drink and  rooms were allocated as per requested in the main bungalow.


The main British bunglow has a colonial look,  with a red oxide flooring , a spacious lounge with a Verandah, Dining hall and 4 rooms to accomodate families with different capacity.The spacious toilets though look old, are well maintained.

Another Bunglow is at  a distance of 400 metres adjoining to main bunglow is also impressive and has only 01 room to accomodate a group.The antique furniture and ambience give a old world charm.                  

The place met all our needs and expectation.We were served lunch as per package, ti was tasty and hygenic.  All toiletries were provided before request, which i liked most.I felt that it was ideal place and best choice during COVID time.

All  were tired after a long travel, so wished to relax till evening.

Evening after having fresh cup of  filter coffee and snacks, we went around the property.The  bunglow stay at Yellikodige a purely organic The coffee estate is more than 150 acre boundry, It is unique in landscape.and Estate is one of the oldest coffee establishment,

The place is really a haven for nature lovers with thousands of trees older than 200 years.Hundreds of different Variety which are grown naturally. It is a destination for bird watching here 84 types of different bird species are been identified. The Bungalow in which we are staying is built in the year 1885 and even today looks strong,never looks like136 years old.

We could identify Green barbets,Flame backs,Red Whiskered Bulbul, Bee eaters, Purple sun bird, Oriental White eye,Jerdons leaf bird, drongo's, Tri  Coloured Munia and grey hornbills were common sight.One can indulge in cycling, playing a frisbee, cricket,batminton, or relax on a hammock.

We took a casual walk amidst huge trees, the cool breeze made us feel a bit chill and was tolerable.

The bunglow stay was the favourite place of Mr. Salim Ali and Mr. Poorna Chandra Tejaswi for research and birding. Bird watching enthusiasts visit this place frequently for birding tours from IISC, NCBS and GKVK ; Bangalore

After dinner and chit chat with the family members we retired for the day.There was surprising shower in the night.  

02 Day 18 March

We woke up to the call of whistling thrush in the bushes.Few went for a walk along the circular path, few did cycling. Morning was misty and fresh with aroma of coffee flower bloom , with previous days shower.We were served piping hot coffee on the lawn with biscuits.and was refreshing.

After a delightful breakfast of Akki Rotti and Chutney, a malenadu dish we decided to visit Markandeshwara Temple at Khandya about 26 kms from our place enroute to Balehonnur. We passed through winding ghat roads and coffee plantation.

Situated on the banks of river Bhadra. Khandya is considered as one of the Pancha kshetras.

Khandya has the temples of Markandeya and Janardhana (Sage Markanda performed penance here) The main attraction  is Sri Markandeshwara temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva

The history of this temple dates back to the 16th century. The temple is said to have been built by Venkatappanayaka (of Belur or Ikkeri). The Markandeshwara temple is one of the 3 important temples in Khandya.

The temple is a homogenous structure of the Post-Vijayanagar style. This temple consists of a Garbhagriha Sanctum protecting an old Shiva Linga, a Sukhanasi with a Pradakshina path and a Navaranga having 4 granite pillars. The pillars have cubical mouldings, octagonal shafts and wheel-shaped tops. The pictures of Virabhadra, Bhairava, Garuda and Hanuman are carved on the pillars.A temple of lord Vinayaka can be found in the temple premises. 

Ashes of  departed souls are submerged here in the holy Bhadra River to attain salvation.

For those seeking adventure their is a provision to do whitewater rafting in river Bhadra @ Magundi about 20 km from here.

A place of interest closeby for nature lovers to visit  is Kudure Abbi, near to temple.Interestingly the stones here at the Bhadra River resemble horses hoops which are called ‘Kudure Abbi’.The Bhadra river which flows through rocky gorges has created different shapes and are true master pieces of art.

Quiet Flows Bhadra 

Permission from forest department is mandatory to visit this place.Visitors should not indulge in swimming and is dangerous because of whilpools.

Please Don't litter I just enjoy the Scenic Beauty I Don't Deface Rocks

We drived back to stay and reached by afternoon. All were hungry, we finished our lunch as it was ready. In the mean while we youngsters decided to visit a Waterfalls closeby.Even Velu showed interest to join with us.We travelled upto last point, bus could reach. It was pre decided to walk,as all were young and enegitic.It was sunny,we walked under canopy, with no soul around.We walked on the kutcha road for 3 kms.We took a divertion right ward before a narrow bridge. We walked amidst bushes and started descending a 70 degree slope, It was slippery,as it had rained previous night. Leeches were active to suck our blood.Holding onto  the trees we descended downward.

We could hear the sound of the cascading water,our joy doubled by the sight of milky water over the black rock.After a steep descent on the last stretch we were in front of the Kare kallu Waterfalls.

The falls was in full flow because of previous night rain.Holding onto slippery rocks, assisting each other we stepped into the flowing water.We got drenched by the water droplets kissing our face.The water was ice cold, we took a natural head shower, a massage to tired nerves.

Waterfalls tucked away from the tourists is still pristine.It was around 4:45 pm when we turned back.It was truly rejuvenating !.

Kare Kallu is truly a Paradise in disguise

We reached stay by 6 :30 pm, and asusual sipped hot cup of coffee and hot bajjis .A day spent fruitfully with memories to cherish forever. 

We sat around campfire and planned the final days trip.Dinner was served early as we were only group in the stay.

03 Day 19 March 

We woke and had a early breakfast with Coffee.We youngsters had planned to visit less visited Ukkada Waterfalls situated about 43 kms from here.

We carried some light snacks and boarded the bus.After 1 hour travel passing through Muthodi Forest we reached a point beyond which vehicle couldnt go.We walked on the muddy road and after crossing a stream we started hiking inside a  coffee plantation in a  private property.

This is one of the less explored waterfalls in Chikmagalur Only localities can guide us as there is no signage or proper path available to reach here, and it’s one of the must-see Unexplored waterfalls in Karnataka and Chikmagalur tourist places.

After walking through a broken trail for 30 minutes we could hear the sound of stream.By then we had reached a vantage point from where we could sight the falls partially blocked by huge boulders high in the ridge.

We had to climb down, 12 feet and only way to go is by help of roots of tree and rocks.It is sure a place where you should be cautious !. A small mistake or slip we will roll down into a stream and might get washed away.We climbed one behind the other and reached down safely..

We crossed a stream and after climbing the huge boulders strewn below falls we reached the base of the waterfalls.We were all happy at the very sight of waterfalls tumbling down.The waterfalls was in full swing and roaring sound was soothing.We played in water and rejuvenated ourvelves.Ukkada waterfalls cascading from 80 ft, over inclined black rock  is a sight to behold.

Suddenly tt started to rain, We felt that rocks might get slippery and with increase in proportion of water we might find diffiuclt to cross the streams.

Though we had intention to stay for few more minutes.We said good bye to the waterfalls , and with a  heavy heart we left the place.We crossed the stream and descended the rocky path with the help of uprooted trees.Retraced the path till we reached the first stream.

All were wet to skin and it was cold We sipped a hot cup of coffee that we carried along in a flask.We reached the stay by 2:00 pm and had a hot lunch.We spent rest of the time with family members playing indoor games.

It was last day of our stay, we played  Antakshari and Dumb Charades in tune with sound of beatles and cicadas in the background during campfire.We had a early dinner and slept late.

04 Day 20 March 

We woke up early and all went for a leisure walk in the coffee plantation. Coffee was arranged in the trail and was a memorable experience. We had breakfast of Kadubu and syavige which is said to be malnad food and which you not miss. After a group photo of family and staff, we bid goodbye to everyone thanking them, who made our stay memorable.

En route, we visited the temple of Amrutheshwara at Amruthapura near Tarikere.The famous and splendid architectural marvels tracing back to the Hoysala period. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva in the form of linga. It is said to be a 300-year-old Trimurti brought from the River Kandikevale in Nepal. The idol of Sharadha Devi sits next to the shiva linga. We performed  Bilva Archana and Kumkuma Archana.

The intricate carving on the pillars and outer wall is outstanding. On the temple tower, one can find the emblem of the Hoysalas, the Sala battling a lion. On the sukhanasi tower, visitors can also find an elaborate panel depicting Shiva slaying Gajasura. The wall reliefs of the temple give visitors a glance at the important Hindu beliefs and stories from epics.

All were hungry though we had a heavy braakfast.We drove upto kalpatharu Hotel, which is hygenic and known for tasty food. After a sumptuous lunch, we hit the highway,The road was as single road upto Tumkur and  we reached Bangalore by 7:30 pm. The trip to Chikmagalur in a whole was memorable with a pleasant stay, hygenic food and load of pecious memories spent with family members to Cherish for a lifetime.

What else one can one ask for ?

Few Tips for those Planning to Visit Chikmagalur

  • Plan your trip well in advance and get confirmation of stay
  • Colonial Twin British Bungalow stay is Located 250 km / 5 driving hours from Bangalore 
  • Bungalow stay is ideal for nature lovers and those who accept simplicity and don't expect luxury
  • Observe and identify birdlife. Don't litter and maintain the sanctity of the place
  • Jeeps can be arranged at extra cost for sightseeing. Contact Manager Velu 
  • It is not advisable to visit both waterfalls when its raining heavily
  • Carry a mixture of tobacco/lime and salt to ward of leeches. Or else be ready to shed blood for leeches
  • Ukkada waterfalls is not advisable for OLD PEOPLE or Children. Go with reliable a guide.
  • Don't Litter the place / Don't Carry Liquor / Consume Liquor
  • Ukkada Waterfalls is located in a private property. Entry restrictions can be applicable anytime without notice.
  • Don't indulge in swimming at unknown places.Streams/Rivers/Waterfalls

We Booked the stay with Mr. Vishwanath and he can be reached on +91 9740360365 for more information