Kudure Abbi - Where the horse leaped into the gorge !

Chikmagalur is blessed with scenic spots on the banks of Bhadra river . Kudure Abbi is a one such less known place away from the tourists because of its location and formation. River Bhadra during his course in dense forests has carved, created sculptures and formations are really eye catching. One can witness it once the water flow recedes in the river and appreciate the true natures work of art !

Kudure Abbi - Where the horse leaped into the gorge !

The Coffee Capital of Chikmagalur is one of the most sought out Hill Stations in the state  of Karnataka and is known for its Scenic locations and its sheer  wilderness, Coffee plantations, Waterfalls, Sancturies, Ancient Temples, Heritage Monuments and a gamut of  activities for adventure seekers including trekking, and rafting in Bhadra river are few worth mentioning places to visit for an avid traveller.

An offbeat location hidden from the touriisty circuit is a place called  Kudure Abbi about  44 kms from Sringeri temple.Apopular temple dedicated to Sharadamba the goddess of learning .Kudure Abbi known as Horse Hoop falls located in Bidare, Ujjaini village of Chikkamagaluru district .This place is around 5 km from Kadabagere village i

Bhadra during its course of flow in the dense forests has created a picturesque place in the lap of nature.Though the scorching summer heat leaves most of rivers dry with no grand view , the river Bahdra continues to entrall you exhibiting her secrets even in this season with its beautiful , naturally designed rocks in the riverbed which are engraved by the natural flow of the river.

The river like an expert artist,sculpts the rocks into different shapes, the natural beauty of which is enhanced during the sunset.

   Kudure Abbi is also famous for a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.There are six theerthas in the vicinity of the temple including Chakra theertha,Rudra theertha, Rama theertha,Legend has it that during exile , lord Shre Rama with Sita visited this place and stayed here for a while.This explains why Kudure Abbi is known as Rama Theertha.

 Natures Work of  Art 

As for the name itself, Kudure means horse and Abbi means waterfall. At this location river Bhadra cascades into a narrow gorge at this place and it  is believed that a horse had leaped into the gorge.Intriguingly when the river dries up one can see indents in the riverbed that look just like the footprints of a horse.

Kudure Abbi is the seat of activity on the eve of Shivarathri,when people flock here to visit the shrine of Lord Shiva.Childless couples come here  in the month of Shravana to take a dip in the sacred theerthas and offer puja to Ujjini Mahakali to beget off springs.Location might have caught the attention of  Sandal wood photographers and section of a movie Ranadheera of 90's has been picturerized here.

Kudure Abbi is s place to visit for ardent nature lovers, who desire to spend precious time in solitude !

As the rains lashes the hills of Malenadu, on arrivsl of monsoon,  the river Bhadra herself engages in scupting work and place becomes out of bounds !

For your Information 

  • Those willing  to visit  this location have to take permission from Forest department and is mandatory
  • Rocks are slippery,visitors Strictly dont indulge in swimming, it has deep wells with whirlpools and are dangerous
  • It is a place of devotion and beliefs.Respect nature !
  • No Littering, No Alcohol in the surroundings and Graffitti on rocks allowed.