Minchikall Betta

At an elevation of 3340 feet, Minchikall Betta which syndicates a bit of history in the abode of lord Anjaneya and Sree Venkateshwara temple is an ideal place for a day hike.

Minchikall Betta

I have hiked many hillocks across Karnataka, however somehow, I missed to hike Minchikall although I belong to the same vicinity.  This hill came to limelight due to some unprecedented events happened in the hillock by treasure hunters. This spiked me to venture this once.

Accompanying my uncle, after breakfast, I have driven my bike to reach the nearest village which is the base point to start hike. We parked the bike and started hiking. The initial stretch leads to very wide slopy boulder. It will be slippery during monsoon.

On the way we met other locals. There is no clear trail, but it can be traced or guessed to reach the top. After 40 minutes the path touches the ruined fortress. I have been told that this fort was built during Hyderali’s phase. We can witness many ruined stone houses which were the shelters for the soldiers and workers during King's era.

Passing further, the way led to Hanuman temple. The locals worship every Saturday.

The path then leads to the ruined stone pavillion at the top.

The main attraction at the top is the footprint of Lord Venkateshwara. People believe that the footprints are of Lord Venkateshwara.

Now the localities are constructing a small temple of Lord Venkateshwara at the top. It’s a tedious task to build the temple at the top of the hill but it will enlighten Hindu eternal religion.

The view from the top is overwhelming. We could see many hills in the far horizon.

It’s a pleasant hike and ideal for a day venture. Ensure to carry water bottles during summer. The hike from the base takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

Complete Video of the hike: