Mesmerizing Mallalli Waterfalls

Mesmerizing Mallalli Waterfalls
Mallalli Waterfalls in all its glory

                       For those souls who are tired of slogging ? Traffic  snarls of the city and desperately looking for a change for  a weekend.Then here is place which offers more than lung space and charge your batteries.If you are bit adventurous type then youhave got a golden deal !

Mallalli Waterfalls ,located snugly at the base of Coorgs second Highest peak Pushpagiri.Pupularly known as Kumaraparvatha  on the other, Pushpagiri  is about  4000 ft above sea level and is famous for its beauty , culture and heritage.Even though Mallalli falls is the highest in coorg , it has been shadowed by the publicity of the famous Abbi and Iruppu Waterfalls  and hence is still pristine and unspoilt till now.

We got down in the wee hours of Saturday Morning at somvarpet which is one of the important taluks of coorg. A rickety jeep transported us to Kumaralli situated at the base of Pushpagiri mountain from where the waterfall is about  2 km. The journey from Somvarpet to Pushpagiri is a superb experience in itself.As the jeep crawled  its way up the narrow road thick forests ,small rivulets and fresh mountain air welcomes you.You can be forgiven for being scared of some of the hairpin curves enroute to pushpagiri.

On arriving  at the last road head you are welcomed  by the fresh smell  of spice Plantations.Coffee and cultivation of pepper and cardomom is common sight here.As we hit the trail . walking past half km we approcahed a forked road which made us little confused, luckily we met one of the local and per his directions we took the right path to waterfall , left to Pushpagiri Mountain west face of Kumaraparvatha peak. 

                    We were walking in the shadow of Kumaraparvatha peak, wild ferns and flowers dotted our way. This path ended after 1 km and dense view of forest opened before us. We felt this a bit difficult part, with no sense of direction and no soul around to guide us.The forest is rich in variety of flora and fauna, variety of insects can be seen. As it was rainy season we could sense some one silently sucking blood and  feasting. It was no ther but Leech !. We plucked and moved on patiently. The rains were lashing as the clouds passed on.

                   The sound of the roaring waterfalls began to intensify we felt that t we were near to destination.    The valley and forest opened up before us.From this point  we can only get partial  view of the Waterfalls , plummeting down.The rising droplets and mist engulfed was hindering the view. To Savour the waterfalls in all its glory, we had to cautiously move opposite hill to the get a better view. This was an arduous job, the slippery path made traversing bit tiring.However after successfully reaching the rock wewere greeted by a stupendous view. Mallalli falls in all its spleandour gushing down ! Picture postcard views indeed.

Mallalli Waterfalls

 The natural rock opposite to waterfalls serves  as shelter and view point to gaze the waterfalls.We sat on the rock and  began to admire the beauty of nature.Kumaradhara river which takes birth in the pushpagiri hills, flows through the dense forest and  tumbles down here. The waterfalls is 60 feet wide and  200 feet in height.The waterfalls looks ferocious in monsoons.Along the flowing stream we noticed some habitation and paddy fields.

        Getting down to waterfalls from here is a risky and get be fatal.However that was not our piece of cake.