7 Trekkable Waterfalls in Karnataka

7 Trekkable Waterfalls in Karnataka
View of Kadamgundi Waterfalls - Didupe

             Perhaps there is no soul that has not been captivated by at the sight of a waterfall and they come in different sizes, shapes and contours each magnificient in its own way. Some murmur softly while some glide swiftly. More often they splash down with thunderous roar. Whichever way it is water cascading down amidst lush greenery is always a mystic and majestic sight to behold – A Musical Symphony ; Rhapsody in Silver. Mystic, Magnetic, never Monotonous, each water fall has its own unique feature determined by its location, topography and season. With the advent of the monsoon the soft whisper gives way to a deafening roar which can often be heard from a distance though not seen. No wonder waterfalls have inspired photographers, writers and poets for centuries now into creating lovely verses.

             Karnataka has its own share of captivating waterfalls whose splendorous charms and wild scenic beauty cannot be denied. Apart from the world famous Jog Falls (Gerusoppa) there are several less known waterfalls waiting to be explored hidden amidst deep jungles and valleys. But they are no less grand in their splendour and beauty. To catch  a Glimpse of them one need trek in thick jungles.  

Here is a display of some such dazzling Waterfalls that add their silvery sheen to the greens around and make the hills dance to the tune of their music.

  1. Bandaje Waterfalls

          Charmadi forest ranges of Western ghats in Belthangadi taluk of Dakshina Kannnada district in Kanrnataka is known for scenic beauty and beatiful waterfalls. Bandaje waterfalls located deep inside the reserve forest is most Magnifcient known for its scenic beauty. 

         Bandaje Falls is locally known as Bandaje Arbi  , in Arbi in ocal language Tulu is referred to Waterfalls and the term used to describe a waterfall in the local as Abbi in Kannada language.

         The beauty of Bandaje Falls is captivating.Water   plunges from a height of 200 feet from the rockface and is a surreal sight to behold. The waterfall continues its journey downhill as a single stream to join the river Netravathi as a tributary.

The scenic setting of the waterfall intensifies during the sunset. The golden rays of sun falls on the veil of the rising droplets and thus gives a golden glow. The sky is filled with various colors and the setting sun makes the waterfall look even more amazing. 

           The waterfalls is accesible after a trek of  4 hours to the Orifice or to the bottom from both Dakshina Kannada and Chikmagalur region.The uphill journey and  wading through grasslands, shola forest to reach the waterfall is quite strenuous.Taking a dip in the numerous small cascades is exhilirating and soothing. It is pernneal waterfall and can be visited throughout the year. From the Hill top one can admire the Views of Gadayikallu fort , Amdedhikal peak, Minchukallu and Kumbakallu , Kudremukh ranges.

           2. Belligundi Waterfalls

           Western Ghats are dotted with Pristine streams and Perrineal waterfalls. In the dense forest tucked away are few  waterfalls which are difficult to  access due to uneven terrain. The rich Sharavathi Valley is home to numerous  waterfalls and offer a feast to ardent nature lover. Belligundi also known as Kudumari waterfalls is one such waterfalls which offers challenge to anyone willing to explore it.

The get  avery glimpse  of waterfalls a and  know its sheer magnificience one has trudge through the off beaten path. For a ardent trekker to reach the bottom one has cross the Interminentstreams, wading through grass, shedding blood to hungry leeches, descending and ascending slopes.

Walking through the canopy listening to the sounds of chirping birds makes the hike memorable.The sight silver line of roaring waterfalls though the canopy cascading from height of 600 ft brings a pinch of curiosity in a individual.Taking a refreshing bath under the sprinkling water, a natural shower with a vibgyor of colors  removes the hardship and rejunevates the body mind and soul..!

       3. Koosalli Waterfalls

      If you are looking for a short  break from the daily grind  of city life and enjoy to savour the beauty a waterfall, then Koosalli fall is the place you need to head. Situated near Byndoor, what makes this fall unique is the fact that it gushes down the hillock in six different stages.
Situated in the Shiroor region of Western Ghats deep inside the forest is accesible only for the ardent adventure seekers.A 6km trek from  a place called Kallikone with a guide having expertise of terrain is mandatory.

Uphill stream Walk along water is yet another challenge.The skippery rocks and thick under growth makes waking slow till the base of the waterfalls. The region is knwon for vipers and commonly sighted is Russells viper.. 

         However walk along the stream itself will be a memorable experienc.One can easily reach the base to get a grand view of 3 stages of the waterfalls in all its glory. Waterfalls cascading from a hegiht of 400 ft is a sight to behold !.Its a perinneal waterfall and can be visited through out the year. However it is not advisable to visit this in peak monsoon, as the water level in streams will be high . with leeches and slippery rocks make inccessible !

       4.  Koodlu Theertha Waterfalls

        Koodlu Theertha  is a breathtaking waterfalls situated  in  the Agumbe ranges. Koodlu Theertha Falls is located at a distance of 42 Km from Udupi near Hebri. Kudlu Theertha Falls is located amid jungles of Western Ghats in Udupi district.

The water falls cascades at a pcituresuque location , from a height of 120 feet directly to the pond, and enjoy a swim. . It is said  that this pond is holy because many sages performed penance here many years ago.There is another water fall above Koodlu Theertha called Manga Theertha (Monkey Theertha) because only Monkeys can reach this water fall as the path is very steep inside the forest.
         To trek to Koodlu Theertha Falls one has to take a  diversion before 6 kms to Hebri, driving further left another 3-4 kms. The road will end at the banks of river Sita.There is a makeshift  bridge on the right side to cross the river. After that one has to walk for 4 kms inside the jungle. There will be a small stream which has to be crossed to reach the foothills and from here a 3-4 kms of trekking will take you this virtual paradise.

Beaware of slippery rocks and  of blood sucking leeches It is inaccesible in  monsoons, due to swift flowing streams

        5. Kadamgundi Waterfalls


For those souls who are looking eagerly to spend time amidst nature and enjoy the waterfall,It is no other than Didupe falls that comes to mind, in Belthangady taluk. The rivulets running down in the lap of Charmdai hills gives rise to streams, they cascade from 80 feet in the green environs and are no less to Paradise.

          Crossing the swift flowing brooks , passing through areca nut plantation, brings one to Circular shaped valley, the sound of water cascading down greets you and  picturesque falls  captures the sight in the lens, the intensisty of the  waterfall, will not stop you and would persuade you to get drenched.

          The chill water, and picturescque setting , the memories of which would last for a long time.

 Didupe falls is also called as Anadka or Kadamagundi waterfalls is located nearly 3 km away from Didupe village, is a cozy and unexposed place, which has  grabbed the attention of only adventures seekers.
One can opt for trekking to the clifftop along nearby hills in and around this virtual Paradise

       6. Arashina Gundi Waterfalls

            Situated deep inside dense reserve forest of Mookambika Wildlife santuary is a charming cascade called Arishina Gundi waterfalls, this splendid waterfalls takes its birth in the Kodachadri Hills

           The pilgrim town of Kollur is at the foothills  of the Kodachadri peak in the Western Ghats, known as Kuteja parvatha is known for medicinal plants , is a trekkers paradise. Goddess Mookambika is the deity at Kollur and is  associated with numerous mythological legends and is the shakti peeths dedicated to parvati – the consort of Lord shiva. For those with a love for adventure, Kollur is an ideal base from where one can trek up the mountain. However, close to temple town are a few perinneal waterfalls which beckon  adventurous  willing to rough it out.

It is not a easy task to venture in forest and reach the waterfalls Beauty is revealed to those who dare and ready to rough it out. The falls is a good five kms, in the leech infested forest inside the sanctuary and the path with frequent steep gradients is a bit strenuous. The only way to reach it is by foot. That is not all. Being in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary it is compulsary  to obtain  permission from the forest department.

             The sound of the waterfalls can be heard from a distance. The water gushing down from a height of 80 feet  is a sight to behold. The rocks beside the falls are slippery and deep. Visitors, should not indulge in swimming, just enjoy the nature. Leave no trace and take back memories !

       7. Hidlumane Waterfalls  

           Mookambika reserve forest at the base of the Kodachadri hills of the Western Ghats is known for rich flora - fauna, medicinal plants  and scenic beauty as well .Kodachadri is adventure seekers paradise.