Dawn Lit Mountains : An Himalayan Odyssey

The Himalayas known as the abode of snow is, world-renowned for its scenic beauty. The mountains here are earth's greatest monuments. The mountain peaks have inspired everyone from time immemorial. It is the abode of Lord Shiva, Pandavas, Great sages and religious gurus Shankaracharya.It is been mentioned in Great epics too. The Mountain peaks are holy and divine. The Sunrise and sunset on peaks is something never to be missed and sight is something to behold.

Dawn  Lit  Mountains : An Himalayan Odyssey
Manda Twin Peaks from Bhoj Basa

               “Each morning the suns serene rays cast a magical, mystical and golden glow

                               on the majestic mountains. They slowly spread across, 

                    many flowers are born to bloom unseen in the lush green valleys. 
                        Like the dew is dried up by the morning sun, so are the sins 
                                          of mankind by the sight of Himalayas “ 

                                                          - Skanda Purana -

          Ever since I am visiting the Himalayas, I am fascinated by its glory and sheer beauty. The verdant valleys, rivers, landscape, lakes, flora – fauna all have been an inspiration and energy. The mountain peaks are earth's greatest monuments. I have a burning desire to witness it and appreciate its grandeur in all moods. The mist embracing mountains, hide and seek, play of light, the sun first serene rays kissing the pinnacle of the mountains has its own magic, the golden glow is alluring. and divine.
Sometimes I had to climb high. Sometimes crossing valleys and walk in the dark midnight or wake up at 4:00 am. In some instances, to catch the glimpse, the hardest part is, had to roll out of cosy sleeping bag, rush to the viewpoint. In some instances, standing patiently waiting in the stunning cold, craning my neck to witness the fire on the mountains. 

As the rays of the sun kiss the peak on the horizon and gradually illuminated the surrounding mountains. It was surprising how fast the light descended, drenching more and more of the rocky mass until the smaller peaks around were also lit, night-time slipping away into the new morning.
        Snow plumes rise and the beauty lasts on for few seconds only, armed with a camera and photographing in low light, wind chill and blowing wind is as challenging as capturing it. After that, all the mountains appear to look the same until the sun had risen enough to highlight the first bit of white, snow-covered beauty of the Himalayas.

         I stand in awe and feel I am blessed.!. I enjoy the peace and quietness of the morning. Mountains and clouds in motion had been lit on fire and all that was left were the fading embers.

        That is awesome! I can only imagine how fantastic that moment had to be when the clouds cleared and the rising sun illuminated the Himalayas.

        I feel I am fortunate to witness it. Meanwhile thought of sharing those few great moments & everlasting memories with you.