Haddina Kallu - A sacred hill where eagles soar..!

A colossal Haddina Kallu is a sacred hill blessed with Sri Hanumantharaya Swamy. The rocks on the hill resembles the shape of an eagle . The hill is so tall and wide that only birds like eagles could fly and soar on the top...!

Haddina Kallu - A sacred hill where eagles soar..!

Haddinakallu, a sacred hill, is located near Byrasandra village near Yadiyur, which is around 100 KMs from Bangalore.

Haddina Kallu, the name itself atrtacts travellers and yes, I wanted to visit this holy hill. I have started early morning, with family, with packed breakfast and snacks. The directions are clear and as soon as we crossed Yediyur fly over for about 7 KM’s, we scouted for the temple arch to our right side of the highway. The sign board won’t go unnoticed easily. A nice temple arch will surely attract everyone. After taking ‘U’ turn we entered via arch and followed the village road. The Haddina Kallu giant wide hill is clearly visible from far. The first view of the wide Haddina Kallu hill surely attracts everyone. My daughter couldn't control excitement and started clicking snaps all along. 

After driving 2-3 KMs on the straight road we reached Byrasandra village. The road to the hill passes through the village. We were at the base of the hill at 9 AM.

We parked our car in front of the welcome arch and headed towards the entrance of the hill.

A small statue of Indrajit, son of Ravana, adorns the shrine on the right side of the arch. Here devotees sacrifice animals to the god. In the morning itself many people were already gathered doing pooja and preparing stuffs to sacrifice animals and getting ready to climb the hill.

The board near the arch indicates the devotees needs to climb with bare foot. I really surprised as I haven’t seen anyone climbing with footwear – be it aged devotees or even kids. Grate to see everyone obeying the rules outlined.

A clear blue sky with pleasant weather set our day for climbing the hill. Striking rocks will make you stop by to enjoy and take snaps. Listen the birds chime, looking at the wildflowers, glance the flying dragonfly’s and butterflies makes nature lovers to be exited all the way.

The path passes through the beautiful paintings of god Sri Hanumantharaya swamy.

After 30-40 minutes of climb, we witnessed the beautiful eagle like stone structure. It resembles an eagle and that might be the reason why it’s widely named after it. We have stopped by to take rest. Steps are steep and can’t hike in one go. I have seen many devotees struggling and tired all the way to climb through.

After an hour of climb, we found a nice place to have our breakfast and relax for some time. After resting for some time, we started climbing again. Monkeys welcomed us during the last stretch where there is a small pond. 

With gradual ascend we have reached the top of the hill. We noticed two stones leaning against each other framing a nice view. There is a small water storage tank. We could see nice stone structures nearby. Only disappointing thing is the uncleanliness – used clothes, plastics and water bottles making the place messy and annoy.

After walking for few meters we could notice Sri Hanumantharaya Swamy temple. God Hanuman is carved on a long holy stone pillar as the main deity. Also, the holy column has carved with Indrajit in the bottom of the stone. As history goes, Indrajit is the son of Ravana, the emperor of Sri Lanka. Indrajit also worshiped along with Sri Hanumantharaya Swamy.

The hilltop offers nice landscape. Offering pooja to Sri Hanumantha swamy and resting some time in the temple premise, we started return journey. It was already 11:30 AM and the stone steps were heated up. We felt the burning sensation and felt difficult to descend. However, we were able to reach the bottom of the hill within 45 minutes.

 Try to visit the hill early morning as one needs to climb in the bare foot and plan to descend back before it gets hot.

Let’s respect Nature…Let's obey rules…Let's Keep the hill clean…

  • What makes me annoyed is how the tourists and pilgrims destroying this beautiful serene and sacred place. Carving names on the rocks, throwing plastics, water bottles and snacks cover everywhere spoiling the nature. As a responsible visitor, please ensure to keep place clean and tidy
  • Let’s obey the rules – This is a sacred place. Leave the footwear in the entrance and climb the hill in the bare foot
  • Maintain silence though out the journey and enjoy the serene beauty
  • It's a sacred hill and worship place of Sri Hanumantharaya Swamy. Not a picnic spot to hangout.


Let the blessings of Sri Hanumantharaya swamy lighten all devotees and Eagles continue to soar on Haddina Kallu forever...!