The bell ringed in my mind immediately when it happened to had sight on Kavalu kallu hill from far. The hill is standing still like a giant as if challenging trekkers to visit. I immediately approached my cousin brother Kumar to enquire about, but he informed no one has visited this hill but would enquire. Prasanna, my other cousin brother, who was passing nearby overheard the conversation and informed that he had been to a place near to the hill and he knew a local person to check further. But the elders hearing our conversation warned about wild animals including bears and cheetah in that hilly area.

Prasanna called me on next day and informed that the vehicles go near to the hill but needs to trek through the rough terrain through a small path as locallite informed.

We never knew the magnitude of difficulty and thought this would be an easy path to the hillock. But later realised this is absolutely NOT...! Along with my family my cousin brothers and nieces were all set to accompany.  In total 10 of us (Gagana, Veekshitha, Megha, Prakruthi, Siri, Padma, Prasanna, Jeevika and Kumar) planned to venture and the plan finalized in no time.


The local person who informed to show us the path till the base of the hill didn’t turn up on time but with other local guidance we reached the base of the hill around 10 AM. The view of the hill is visible on the way to till the base. From the base there is no trace of the trail found. Kumar found a small beaten path going up the hillock. But there is another trail right behind the base on the right side. We took some guess and aligned with Kumar with his recommendation.

The first 20 minutes the trail passes via bushes and rocky terrain. We thought this  would leads to the top of the hillock and on the correct path. But after some distance the path ended. The hilltop is not visible from this point. The only way is to make our own path to hike the hill. Kumar took the lead and was making the path clearing the long grown grasses, bushes and guiding us.

It’s completely rocky terrain and bushes and long grown grasses were thrashing us while passing through. We found a small rocky cave and we guessed that this would be the home of bears. We traversed further making the path and found wide rock to relax for some time.

We never thought this hike is so tough and hence accompanied nieces and kids as well. As usual no one around the area and my wife scolding us why we had chosen this terrain as no one to guide fearing we would miss the path. After an hour, slipping here and sliding there, making our own path, we reached the top of the first hill. From here the first look of the distant Kavalu Kallu is visible.

We already hiked an hour and Kumar  assumed it would take another an hour more. As we have kids, he was insisting us to return from there. However, we decided to continue further. After some time, we glanced the first look where only 2 long rocks visible on top of the hillock.

On the way we found big cave like rock boulder and surely, we guessed bears would around. Also, we found many thorns of the Porcupine.

At one point in time I scared what if any animals would attack us as there was no way to escape. I was blaming myself I shouldn’t have planned without proper enquiry as locals warned about bears in this hillock. We had only wooden sticks and Kumar had sharp hand sickle, to protect us which were not at all enough for self defence.

We took calculated risk and proceeded further. After almost 2 hours, we reached a point where we could see only 1 huge standing rock. Kumar said from here we can’t go further due to steepy rock and warned to stop here and return. Prasanna, who is very enthusiastic, said we struggled and came here so long and opted to try out.

The last stretch is really a challenge as we need to climb slippery hill, negotiating rock boulders and bushes.

Although Kumar was not fully convinced  to proceed further, he cleared the bushes as usual making the path. We had encountered a steepy rock which was dangerous. Except myself, Prasanna and Kumar, we asked everyone to stop there as its too risky to go further. We asked others NOT to proceed and I, Prasanna and Kumar, only 3 decided to go further through the terrain. We moved further and found the fort. Using the loose stones, we carefully climbed to reach the top of the hill. Breathtaking view!! Could see the amazing long and wide stone rocks offering an outstanding view on the hillock.

Kavargal Betta

Now I could see one by one, who were earlier asked not to proceed, were coming. We left with no option to help each one to come near and climb carefully to reach the top.

Finally, we were all on top of Kavalu Kallu, which is around 3580 feet from sea level.  Everyone excited with the prettiness of Kavalu Kallu. There are 6 gigantic rocks standing still with their own elegance on this hillock. Each stone has its own style and structure varying from 300 – 500 feet height. There is a wide base wherein bushes and grass grown all over. The view of these rocks offers unique appearance from each angle. It's a NATURAL WONDER. The surrounding view from the hillock is simply amazing. Touching the stones, I felt like fortunate to be there.

As Kumar was insisting to go down quickly as we have seen the signs of bears foot mark. Spending around 20 minutes admiring the beauty we started coming down from the hillock.

Return was also not an easy task. As there was no beaten trail, we missed the path. We were juggling here and there to find the correct path. Everyone slided at least once overall.

It was not an easy terrain and moreover risky with wild animals. It took again 2 hours to return to the base. We found the shepherds at the base who informed that this hill has so many bears and evening time they would come down to the base. Fortunately, we had not encountered them.


I have recalled Yana, when I was at the top of Kavalu Kallu, and how it's beauty and premise was shaded away over the years. How our so called trekkers, name seekers and quasi visitors spoiled its charm. Yana lost its prestine and the original plot. These kind of places should remain as is and unspoiled. Nature has provided so many wonders like Kavalu Kallu. I pray the prettiness and premise of Kavalu Kallu remains pristine forever and let it remains as is. Let it continue to provide shelter for wild animals around. Let it maintain the same silence and charm forever...!