Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor of Western Ghats

‘The terrestrial of amazing waterfalls’ is aphorism to Uttara Kannada district. Devakara, also named as Vajramala waterfalls, is one of the beautiful and must-see waterfalls in the western ghats of Karnataka.

Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats
Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats
Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats
Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats
Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats
Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats
Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats
Devakara Waterfalls : The Kohinoor  of  Western Ghats


This is one of the amazing waterfalls situated in the backdrop of Kali river valley. To explore this falls one must reach Devakara village which is a medium size village located in Karwar Taluk of Uttara Kannada district, with close to 90 families residing with a population of 397 as per earlier census.  This waterfall can be approached by 4-5 KM of trekking in the dense forest from Devakara village. The stream named ‘BAARE’ plunges down from an estimated ~600 feet high and offers a breathtaking view. The waterfall resembles as if the diamonds pouring from the top of the valley and glows in the surrounding green valley. Off course this is the Kohinoor of the western ghats. The Baare stream then leans in the Kadra reservoir. During the rainy season, it's not advisable to trek.

There are few avenues to explore this fall:
1.Yellapur - Hebbara Kumbri - Eerapur - Devakar village: This trail demands to descend the 'Benda ghatta' hill for about 6 KMs to reach Devakara village. With another 4 KM’s trek from the village, one can be reached to the falls. Although this is the difficult trial but top of the 'Benda ghatta hill' is known to offer amazing views of “Kali River Valley” and Kaiga. 
2. Yellapur - Kadra - Devakar cross - Cross Kali river backwater in a boat – Devakara village: This is the popular trail which demands ~4-5 KMs trek to reach the bottom of the falls from Devakar village.
3. Yellapur - Beegar - Kanur(kanoor): This trail leads to the top of the waterfalls.  From here descending valley to reach the bottom of the falls is dangerous and not advisable.
The plan was to visit the falls and return to Yellapur on the same day. So, I and Abu decided to take Route-2. So, my journey overall spanned in 4 stretches:
  1. Yellapur to Kadra to Devakara Cross
  2. Devakara Cross to Devakar Village via Boat
  3. Devakara village to the Waterfalls
  4. Return journey – Devkara to Yellapur via Kaiga and Beegar  


Early morning after having tea in Yellapur, we started our bike towards to Kadra which is around 60 KM. I always love to drive, and this was my 3rd bike trip to Uttara Kannada and off course thoroughly enjoyed this drive which itself was refreshing. We were at Kadra around 9AM. Had breakfast and packed things for lunch and snacks. We followed the Kodasalli dam route from Kadra to reach the Devakar cross. This drive itself is superb. The initial drive passes along the edge of the backwater of the Kadra dam built for the Kali river. Bike riding on the path, wherein the water body on one side and lush greenery forest on the other side, is awesome..!

After ~45 minutes’ drive covering ~25 Kms, we were in front of the DEVAKARA CROSS signboard on the right side of the road. Please note this signboard can go unnoticed and so we kept our cursory look on this signboard all the time during the drive.


We started driving another 500 meters in a muddy road between bamboo trees before we reached the edge of the back water. This is the last point for parking own vehicles and for the Boat jetty. Just a word of cautions – When I visited the falls second time later, we have witnessed many snakes in this vicinity. So be careful while being here.

So now the turn is to shout for the boat man to hear our request from the other side of the back water. A local boat man, with timings, would assist commuters to cross the back water to and fro from the village. So, one has to should loudly. After 20 minutes of our effort, we noticed the boat man started coming towards us. The boat man Krishna arrived, and the boat started sailing over low-lying areas of Devakara, submerged in backwaters.

After few minutes we were at the other side of the back water and in Devakara village. Krishna informed us to return back to the same point between 5-6 PM to drop us to other side. As soon as we entered the village, I really amazed the scenic view of Devakar village. The paddy fields, small houses spreading across and surrounding covered by distance hills makes one to admire the beauty.


We have reached the nearest house and here we met Madhukar. He offered helping hand and guide to take us to the falls. Resting for some time, packing all snacks, we started towards the falls. 

Under Madhu’s guidance, after 4 Kms trek in the forest, we could see the first glimpse of lovely waterfall.

We traversed further to reach the nearest point of the falls where we could see the full view of the falls. The falls will take your breath away. Really amazing…!

We wanted to venture to go further close to the bottom of the falls, but Madhu advised not to go further, as the water was gushing down in full force and dangerous slippery rocks. We had spent time admiring the beauty and taking nice snaps before we started to return from the falls.


While returning back we have seen a localite who was nurturing the injured baby deer. First time, I got an opportunity to hold, hug and smootch the baby deer.


By the time we reached Devakara village, it was started raining heavily. Waited for a few minutes and cleared all the leaches which were still sucking our blood all the way. Thereafter we reached boatman Krishna’s house exactly on time, 5:30PM. Spending a few minutes, Krishna started sailing his boat to drop us to the other side of the backwater. Thanking Krishna, we started our bike towards Yellapur. Overall, an amazing experience made our day to remember and cherish for a longer time.

Let the glory of Vajramala, the Kohinoor of western Ghats, flourish and glow the green valley forever and live true to its invaluable elegance …!